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About the Firm & Attorney Cardosi

Ms. Cardosi was the first, in-house Legal Counsel to the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association (IADA) in Springfield and served in that position for several years. As IADA counsel, she was the primary author of legislation which amended the Illinois Motor Vehicle Franchise Act to create the Illinois Motor Vehicle Review Board.  


Prior to joining IADA, Ms. Cardosi served as Deputy Chief and Assistant Attorney General of the Consurmer Protection Division, Office of the Illinois Attorney General in Springfield. Among many state and federal regulatory initiatives she handled, Ms. Cardosi was the primary author of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations. She also served on national automotive-related task forces for the Attorney General, including the Car Rental Task Force, Automobile Advertising Task Force and Lemon Law Task Force.


Ms. Cardosi received her J.D. degree with High Honors, in 1985 from Drake University Law School, and was also an editor of, and published author in, the Drake University Law Review





During the course of Ms. Cardosi's career, she has concentrated her practice areas related to the franchised auto dealer business including:  


  • Automotive Franchise & Dealership Operations

  • Corporate Business and Commercial Transactions

  • Civil Litigation           

  • Consumer Fraud Law

  • Government & Legislative Regulation 

  • Insurance-Related Compliance

  • Employee Benefit and ERISA Compliance 

  • Advertising & Other Regulatory Compliance


Automotive Franchise Representation
Since the early 1990s, and the subsequent founding of the Law Office of Julie A. Cardosi, P.C., Ms. Cardosi has exclusively represented the interests of franchised automobile dealerships throughout Illinois in the follwing areas: 
  • Automotive Franchise Matters, including Terminations, Relocations, Add-Points, and Successions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, including Buy-Sell Asset and Stock Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Franchise Protest Disputes
  • Dealership Corporate Operations and Corporate Governance Matters
  • Federal, State and Local Regulatory Compliance Matters, including Advertising and Dealer Licensure 
  • Dealership Employment and Labor Matters


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